Raid Data Recovery

RAID Systems are by far the safest way to protect your data. They have many different configurations, all offering their own benefits. Unfortunately, thanks to the complicated systems, they can be the most difficult to recover if more than one drive were to fail. They are incredibly time consuming and intricate, but it’s just another one the comprehensive services the Data Recovery Gurus offer. We tackle these immense projects all the time, and are committed to retrieving the data that you have already gone so far to try to protect.

As stated before, there are multiple kinds of RAID systems, and they are always evolving. We have recovered data from the following types:

  • RAID 0 This is the most popular configuration, but unfortunately doesn’t provide the same amount of safety as the others. It provides speed, but does not allow for any of the drives to fail.
  • RAID 1 Also a popular version, this configuration provides redundancy for your data. It allows for at least 1 drive to fail, but is not necessarily fast.
  • RAID 5 (& 6) These systems are great, as they provide both speed and redundancy. They allow for at least 1 drive to fail.
  • RAID 10 (and above) – More expensive due to more drives, but very safe. They allow for at least 2 or more drives to fail and provide both redundancy and speed. A very hefty project for your Recovery team!
  • MYSQL & Databases Multilayered and very complex, these servers are usually necessary for most business.

No matter what the system though, you can count on the Data Recovery Gurus! Even though quite of these systems have their fail safes, it can be disastrous were they to fail. They can succumb to viruses, malware and corruption just as easily as a single hard drive, but cause significantly more damage than you would think. Our professional technicians understand RAID systems and their complexity, as well as the strategy necessary to begin rescuing the data stored.

When Should I Call?

Always call if you suspect something strange with the system, no matter how small. Though included below are a few things to look for if you’re still questioning what you should do should your RAID fail:

  • If one or more hard drives go offline
  • If one or more hard drives fail to mount
  • Corrupted files or software
  • Incompatible drives that cause malfunction
  • Failure of the controller card or array
  • Entire server fails to boot
  • Failure to rebuild correctly
  • Striping corrupted

Why Go With the Gurus?

We have rebuilt and recovered data from every array of RAID, and we will do it faster than any other recovery service out there! Not to mention, our technicians have been retrieving data from these systems for years and have accumulated more knowledge than any other company could provide. No matter the system brand (G-Tech, Synology, LaCie, Drobo, etc.) you can trust the experts: the Data Recovery Gurus! Call today!