Western Digital Data Recovery in Los Angeles

Western Digital is one of the first companies to produce storage devices for computers and is still one of the world’s leaders in data storage technology. The WD digital brand can be found in practically anything, from laptops to desktops and other devices. The company produces hard drives, solid state drives, external storage, portable memory, RAID and Cloud systems, and a whole array of other data storage solutions.

The My Book series that offers additional storage home desktop computers, the My Passport external hard drives and the My Cloud line, which enables users to backup their information and access it remotely, are only a few examples of the company’s excellent and popular products.

Here is a more detailed list of the Western Digital products we service:

  • WD Caviar Black, Blue, Green & Red
  • WD Desktop Blue, Green, Black
  • WD Desktop Red for RAID systems
  • WD Desktop VelociRaptor for Workstations
  • WD Desktop Purple for Surveillance systems
  • WD Mobile Blue, Green, Black
  • WD Mobile Black² (Dual drive SSD + HDD)
  • WD Mobile Red (for RAID systems)
  • WD NAS Red, Se & Re
  • WD My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2 and EX4
  • WD My Passport (My Passport Elements Portable, Ultra, Slim, Studio, Air, Pro, Enterprise, AV-TV and My Passport for Mac)
  • WD My Book (this includes My Book Elements, Essentials, Studio, Thunderbolt Duo & VelociRaptor Duo, Live & Live Duo, My Book AV & AV-TV, and My Book for Mac, to name a few)

Common Problems that Require Data Recovery

The main physical problems that can be found in Western Digital memory devices include:

  1. Clicking or ticking sounds
  2. Burnt printed circuit boards (PCB)
  3. Broken or stuck read/write heads

In addition to those physical problems, there is the added possibility of software-related data loss. This includes data that was accidentally deleted from the drive or an unintentionally formatted drive. If your Western Digital device has one or more of those problems, you are advised to take cautious action.

Do not power up your device, as this can lead to more extensive damage and further data loss. Every minute of use will create the danger of information being written onto the lost data, erasing it permanently.

Do not try to recover the data yourself. Go to a data retrieval doctor. This is not a seasonal cold that you can treat at home without consulting a medical specialist. You wouldn’t treat pneumonia or another dangerous illness by yourself, and so you should avoid taking the DIY course here as it will result in permanent data loss in most cases. Why needlessly risk your family photos or your important work files, when you can turn to professionals to do it for you?

We will also perform a free diagnostic and evaluation to discern the exact problem before getting to work on it, so that you know exactly what’s going on.

Our Data Recovery Gurus expert staff is well equipped and highly trained to deal with the latest devices from Western Digital. We have over a decade of data recovery experience, with almost half of it on WD devices alone. Our ISO 5 Class 100 clean room facilities will ensure the device’s safety and prevent any more data loss.

You can trust us to retrieve your lost information in short order, and make sure it is never lost again. Serving Los Angeles and entire United States, just mail us your Western Digital harddrive for recovery.