Seagate Data Recovery in Los Angeles

Seagate Technology is among the largest and most successful manufacturers of memory storage devices and products in the world. The company produces hard disk drives, solid state drives and Cloud storage systems. Examples of their well known products in this field are the Backup Plus, Expansion, GoFlex and FreeAgent external hard drive models.

Seagate produces many hard drives for desktop computers, NAS and RAID specialized desktop hard drives and the famous revolutionary Hybrid Solid State / Hard Disk combination that exhibits an unparalleled balance of maximized speed and vast capacity.

Seagate’s laptop hard drives are among the thinnest and lightest in production today, featuring various levels of encryption that adds valuable data-protection to the physical storage.

Here is a partial list of the main Seagate products we service:

  1. Backup Plus Desktop Drive for PC or Mac
  2. Seagate Central (Personal Cloud System)
  3. FreeAgent GoFlex Desk & Portable External Drives
  4. Barracuda Series Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  5. Enterprise Class Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  6. Momentus Series Internal Laptop Hard Drives
  7. Laptop Thin and Ultrathin Series
  8. Terascale Desktop Hard Drives
  9. Ultra Mobile Hard Drives
  10. Expansion Desktop

Problems that lead to Data Loss on Seagate Drives

Very much like all any device out there, Seagate Technology hard drives are not immune to malfunction or damage. One thing that may happen is failure of the PCB (printed circuit board). Another is physical damage in the reader head mechanism, or other structural problems. A broken or jammed reader head is a difficult problem to tackle, since this risks damage to the data storing hard drive platters. Those platters are extremely fragile and sensitive, and should be only accessed in a cleanroom environment of no less than ISO 100 Class 5 in order to prevent further damage. PCB related damage will usually simply jam the hard drive, not allowing it to spin at all.

Some Seagate hard drive models have their encryption built into the PCB, which makes the replacement of the circuit board an extremely complicated task. Structural damage can cause files written to the drive to be corrupted or incomplete. This particular problem will require a logical solution that will restore the damaged structure and put the corrupted files back together.

Seagate Data Recovery Specialists

Our team of certified engineers are familiar with the problems listed above as well as with many others that are common and can occur in Seagate Technology products and devices. We operate all of our repairs in an in-house ISO 100 Class 5 certified cleanroom facility. This allows us to open your hard drive in safe and clean conditions and get to the data recovery work there and then, without risking further damage to the device.

We have great access to many parts that allow us to piece your damaged hardware back together and reach the data inside in order to recover it. This includes the newest parts of recently released hard drive models as well as parts for grizzled dinosaurs that are nearing extinction but are still around. Those usually contain the most prized information, such as baby shower photos or wedding videos from many years ago.

We can get a “dead” hard drive up and running and extricate the valuable mementos from it quickly and efficiently. Call Data Recovery Gurus in Los Angeles now and we will get right on it!