Hitachi Data Recovery in Los Angeles

The Hitachi Corporation, also known as the HGST, produces hard drives that are deemed among the most reliable memory devices out there. Their hard drives can be found in desktops, laptops, NAS and RAID systems, as well as various external memory devices. Hitachi also manufactures SSD (Solid State Drives) of many sizes and operation speeds, setting the standard for the entire storage device market.

Hitachi drives are among the most used and trusted memory devices out there. They drive the storage market forward, introducing groundbreaking innovations as they go along. An example of such innovations are the Hitachi HelioSeal helium filled hard drives that allow for more storage with less power consumption. The Hitachi technology is also the backbone of the popular G-Tech line of external storage drives, as well as the best selling Touro hard drives for desktops and portable memory storage units.

This is the list of the main Hitachi products that we work with:

  1. Ultrastar Solid State Drives
  2. G-Technology External Drives
  3. Ultrastar, NAS, RAID and Enterprise Hard Drives
  4. Travelstar and Travelstar Thin Laptop Hard Drives
  5. Cinemastar Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  6. Endurastar Auto/Industrial Hard Drives
  7. Deskstar Internal Desktop Hard Drives
  8. Touro External Drives

Common Problems that require Data Recovery on Hitachi Drives

The exceptional reliability of Hitachi memory devices still doesn’t serve as a 100% guarantee from the occasional failure or damage. Hitachi drives are also prone to break every now and again, especially the older ones. The more common issues with drives of this brand include reader head failure, problems with the printed circuit board (PCB), and loss of magnetic properties on the platters.

It is not completely uncommon for the head mechanism to break or malfunction, either, especially following physical impact like a drop or a strong jolt. Sometimes hard drive heads break on their own, as a result of normal wear and tear. It is not unexpected in older devices, due to their highly fragile build.

Printed circuit board damage can be the result of a power surge or caused by contact with water from a spilled drink. More seldom it can be the case of loss of magnetic properties on the platters, or a buildup of dust inside the device. This creates a significant risk to the integrity of the platters and the data on them.

Work With the Experts

Data Recovery Gurus can help with all of abovementioned issues and a multitude of others that may arise in Hitachi storage devices and result in data loss. Our dedicated team of professionals has over a decade of experience working with Hitachi devices and have all the necessary tools and know-how to recover large portions of your data.

Our on-site ISO 5 Class 100 certified clean rooms and state of the art equipment allows us to maintain the ideal conditions for the delicate data recovery work. Call us now and work with the experts. Your lost data will be retrieved in short order and you will receive all the necessary information that will allow you to save yourself from a similar occurrence in the future.