Supported Harddrive Manufacturers

Data Recovery Gurus offer services for all cases of data loss, memory card corruption and hard disk drive crashes. Our highly trained specialists have access to state of the art equipment that allows to accurately diagnose and restore most devices of most known brands.

We provide ongoing company provided training on innovative data recovery techniques for newest technologies and models, remaining a step ahead of the competition. Our level of experience in the industry, along with a huge bank of spare parts and components makes us fit to repair and recover data on pretty much any device that you bring to our doorstep.

We specialize in data recovery, and make sure we know everything that there is to know in this seemingly narrow but actually very wide field. We do not fix computers, screens or any other type of electronic devices, which allows us to outperform any omnifix lab ten times over. We don’t do it all – we specialize and excel in what we do, instead, delivering first class results, and faster.

Our dedicated Los Angeles lab is specifically tailored to data recovery needs and features state of the art, cutting edge equipment, which can be successfully used to perform complex data retrieval even from the most damaged and worn storage units or devices.

Here are a few of the most popular brands that we are well familiar with:

●     Western Digital

●     Seagate

●     Hitachi

●     Samsung

●     Toshiba

●     Transcend

●     Verbatim

●     Fujitsu

●     IBM Technologies

●     Hewlett Packard

●     Other World Computing

●     SimpleTech

●     Drobo

●     Synology

●     Maxtor

●     Quantum

●     Iomega

●     G-Tech

●     LaCie

●     Buffalo

●     Clickfree

●     Silicon Power

We stay in touch with the manufacturers and make sure to get technical information on every single new bit of technology they release, so that we can successfully service it when you bring it to us. We charge no additional fee for recovering Apple or Linux machines, and offer data retrieval for both internal and external devices, from computers to media to electronic gadgets.

When You Need Data Recovery

The types of damage that may lead you to require data recovery services are many and varied, but they can be roughly divided into two main categories: Logical Data Recovery is when the drive is intact, but the information on it was damaged or lost, and Physical Data Recovery that entails the restoration of a physically impaired storage unit to allow access to the data stored on it.

Here is a more detailed list of some of the cases when you may require data recovery services:

  1. Hard or solid state drive exposed to a liquid or moisture
  2. Damage caused to the hard drive’s read/write heads or their crash
  3. Hard or solid state drive failed due to unprotected or mishandled power surge
  4. Accidental, unintentional or incorrectly formatted hard or solid state drive
  5. BIOS not recognizing hard drive or other storage devices
  6. Damaged or missing file allocation table
  7. Corrupted or missing Master File Table
  8. Hard drive with burnt-out chips
  9. Files or folders corrupted or missing
  10. Boot sector not recognized
  11. SSD physical damage by compressing or overheating

While the problems are many and varied, and so are the models and manufacturers, the solution is one and the same – bring it to Data Recovery Gurus and you will get your files back.

If anyone can retrieve your data, it is us. Call us now and you will get your lost data back in no time – proudly serving United States from Los Angeles!