Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive crash? It’s a problem we’ve heard of thousands of times… but we will never grow tired of helping clients recover their lost data. We have engineers specializing in every possible scenario you can think of that cause your drive to stop working. It can be anything from accidental deletion, spilling a drink on it, dropping it or downloading something that corrupts the files. We are well-versed in all of these problems and more! Recovering your data is not only important, we know it can be incredibly time sensitive, so we even provide rush service!

 Why go with the Gurus?

Because that’s just what we are… we are Data Recovery Gurus! And it’s the only thing our talented engineers do. We will not only be sure the extract your data, we will keep it safe under lock and key. Thousand of clients have brought in their failed and damaged drives, and thousands have received their recovered data. Our goal is to be sure that we will provide such excellent service, that you have no choice but to recommend us to everyone you know!

Now, we know that it can be scary when your drive stops working, so we are going to help you understand the different types of failures that we can overcome.

Logical Failure

Contrary to how this sounds, it has nothing to do with intelligence of your drive! Logical failures occur when data becomes unreadable to the drive. This can occur due to data corruption, downloaded viruses or malware or even a faulty program. Accidental deletion or formatting can cause this as well. Occasionally, viruses and malware can even deliberating delete your data and format partitions.

Physical Damage

This is exactly what it sounds like. It usually means that the drive itself has been damaged, which can be through direct or accidental trauma. Sometimes this can occur when it experiences an logical failure first, and someone untrained in recovery attempts to open it. Tampering with a drive without professional knowledge always causes much more harm than good. The good news is that the data is still usually there, it just requires the correct equipment, training and skills to extract it without causing further damage.

When should I call for help?


Good question! There are a lot of signs when your drive has stopped working to what we need to do to recover it. So if you experience any of the following, give us a call:


  • Clicking or ticking due to damage to the read/write heads
  • Storage device has been exposed to the elements such as water, leakage, flood or more.
  • Storage device unprotected during a power surge or outage
  • Accidentally formatting the device
  • Accidentally dropping or hitting the device
  • Device turning on but failing to boot
  • Device failing to turn on
  • Folders or information suddenly disappeared or corrupted


No matter the problem, the Data Recovery Gurus are here to save the day!