Flash Data Recovery

You’d never think that a memory device so small could carry so much important information. Nor would you ever think that it could fail. It has no moving parts, isn’t complex and works with nearly all computer and devices. Surprisingly, we receive hundreds of flash storage devices a year with a multitude of problems. These devices are unique, and salvaging the important information stored on them can not only save a clients job, but also their memories.

We have recovered data from most of those that are sent in to us, despite the fact that most people think them unsalvageable. Don’t worry, all is not lost. We have recovered from devices such as:

  • SD Cards
  • Micro & Mini SD Cards
  • XD-Picture cards
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Compact Flash (CF) Cards

Just like hard drives, these small and amazing pieces of technology can suffer from both logical and physical damages. We’ll ask you during the initial consultation what may be wrong with the drive (which gives us an idea), but here’s a more thorough explanation to provide better understanding of the recovery process:

Logical Failure

These we usually see the most of, as many people will have things such as SD cards that simply “stopped working”. When the data itself fails to show up, it can be very troubling. Usually, these problems occur when the memory device is subjected to malware, viruses, or even something as simple as incorrect or accidental formatting. Regardless, it usually keeps the device from mounting and being recognized, or it simply says it is empty.

Physical Damage

These small convenient drives are great since you can just stick them in your pocket and go! Unfortunately, that is also the main reason they suffer physical damages. Trauma to the SD card or flash drive can prevent from mounting or make them unreadable. We’ve all put these devices through some pretty intense wear and tear. This can include dropping them, stepping on them, inserting them incorrectly, debris/crumbs/dirt or even liquids getting inside. The equipment and tools that are used for the recovery of these devices are very delicate, as is the procedure. We’ve specialized in the recovery of flash storage for years though, so your information is in safe hands!

Why Go With the Gurus?

When dealing with something as delicate as flash storage, this usually means we will only have one opportunity to recover the data stored inside. If taken to the wrong person, it can easily be damaged further and everything can be lost. Never attempt to use an online program or open up the drive yourself, as we may lose our only chance. If anything happens, call us immediately. We’ve spent years developing and staying up to date on flash storage knowledge, and are extensively trained in the use of the tools necessary to return your data safely to you.