I want to send in my drive. What do I do?

Just go to our contact form and fill out all of the necessary information. Please be descriptive in regards to any damage or programs downloaded that could have attributed! It can help us with the diagnosis, and even save your data.

Always feel free to call or email us if you have questions.

Will you be able to recover my data?

We have been retrieving data from damaged storage devices for many years! We will exhaust our resources and do everything we can to help get your information back to you.

What should I expect the process to be?

After completeing all of the information in our contact form, you will mail the device to our closest location. We recommend using tracking to be sure that it travels safely.

We are more than happy to provide you with a free diagnostic. Once we’ve pinpointed the issue and chances of recovery, you’ll receive multiple options on how we can proceed. We even provide expedited options if its an emergency. You’ll receive your quote based on how severe the damages are and how much labor is required to recover it. More often than not, we can get everything back within a matter of days!

Does recovery take a long time?

We won’t be sure until we do the diagnosis, but it will depend on how severe the damage is and how quickly you need the data back. Including our expedited and emergency services, this can range anywhere from one to seven business days.

Is data recovery expensive?

It’s impossible to provide a quote that’s accurate without examining the device first. After the initial diagnosis, we will be able to give you a price. Not to mention, the diagnosis itself is free, so if you decide to not continue with the service, you are not obligated to pay!

How is the data given back to me?

Since the old drive is now unreliable, we transfer the recovered data onto a new drive. We can either provide a device for you at an extra charge, or you can send us a drive to transfer to.

Is the process safe?

Absolutely. We have an ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room on-site, and the latest technology to be sure that your drive and data is safe during the recovery process.

Is my information kept confidential?

100% Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure is always guaranteed. You information is safe with us!

What about Mac or Linux?

We recover data from all storage devices, regardless of the operating system it’s used with.

How will my data be sent back to me?

Once you give us permission to begin the recovery process, we are sure to provide you with free shipping upon completion. If you’re not interested in going forward after the diagnostic, we package and ship is back to you for only $20. Everything is shipped via FedEx Ground, but for an additional fee we offer expedited services as well.

Do you keep the damaged drive or send it back?

If you request for the drive back, we are more than happy to send it to you (so long as you don’t use it for storage again!). We typically keep the drives and destroy them physically before recycling, to prevent access to the information.