About Data Recovery Gurus

We approach the data storage industry as we would to caring for a developing child. The current trends are in place and there are patterns and needs, but no one knows what the next step in development will be and we have to be attentive and open. This allows the Data Recovery Gurus team to stay on top of things and be able to respond to the changing needs of the evolving data storage technology.

Our finger is always on the pulse. Our excellent technicians are always up to date on new technology. Our state of the art Los Angeles facility is equipped with cutting edge diagnostic and repair tools that allows us to perform data recovery on devices ranging from very old to yesterday’s-release new.

We profess the full belief and understanding that every single data recovery project is critical and important. This has led us to generate over a decade of success in the field. We pride ourselves for a reputation of strict security and extremely high data recovery success rates delivered to our customers. All those qualities have elevated us from the level of a small local operation to where we are today – a large scale data recovery center with a worldwide customer base.

Our Operations and Speciality

We profess knowledge and ability to competently recover data from a wide array of devices, combining the most advanced technologies with a high level of professional diligence.

Our expert data recovery services include the following:

  1. Hard Drive Data Recovery
  2. RAID Data Recovery
  3. Flash Data Recovery
  4. SSD Data Recovery
  5. Apple Data Recovery

Work with the Best

We excel in data recovery from devices that had failed hard drives, solid state drives, flash drives, micro drives, zip and jaz drives, floppy disks, CD/DVDs and a wide array of memory cards used in anything from mp3 players to tablet computers to SLR cameras.

If it exists, we can likely retrieve your lost data from it.

We know and understand how valuable your data is to you. We know that it may be personal or sensitive. We will keep it safely protected, with a full non-disclosure agreement that we will sign right from the start.

We take it one step further from there, not stopping at data recovery only. Once we have your data restored, we will provide you with all that you need to know in order to ensure that the damage does not repeat, and your data is not compromised again.

Large businesses and organizations can enjoy the added service of data recovery and backup tailored specifically to your operation’s needs. This after-the-sale service that we provide diligently also sets us apart from the competition. We do not want you to go through it again just so that we can have another deal. Prevention is far better than a cure, and so your data safety is our primary concern. We don’t want returning customers. What we want is for you to feel safe and happy, and recommend our service to someone else who needs it.

This approach is the main driving force behind our success and you can rely on us to stick to it. If you need your data recovered, restored and protected – you need us. Data Recovery Gurus are here for you, right here in LA.