Box Aims to Expand Global Cloud

Redwood City, CA-based content management company Box recently announced its intentions to expand the reach of its cloud services. The company claimed in a blog post that business as we know it is becoming “unstoppably global” and that “Teams and organizations need to collaborate in real-time with partners and firms that are spread around the world.”

“It’s almost impossible to design a new consumer product, launch a marketing campaign or even discover a new drug without people coming together from disparate teams and locations,” it states in the blog.

Box’s cloud services will be engineered with the intention to make global business collaborations easier than ever, bringing together teams in such a way that they can achieve their very best work. 

That said, Box acknowledges that these services come with a significant technological burden:

“From the speed by which people are able to share information across borders to varied data regulations by country, there are massive inhibitors to fully realizing this vision for global business.”

box2Box plans to solve these issues by creating the first legitimately global cloud content and collaboration to be made available to enterprises from every corner of the world. Their first steps in this process will involve introducing Box Zones in Australia and Canada. Originally confined to Europe and Asia, Box Zones will extend their services further in response to the high praises they have received in their starting locations.

“By providing customers with choices on where their data is stored, we’re able to help our customers adhere to the increasing list of data storage requirements internationally,” Box explains via its blogs.

Box will also be introducing its new Box 2-6X, a faster platform for businesses to use during global collaborations.

“Given the strong international growth we’ve seen at Box, we’ve invested in major improvements to our technology that maximize performance for businesses outside of the U.S,” Box released in a statement. “We’re now rolling out these advancements to Box Accelerator globally and are seeing dramatic upload speed improvements of 2.6X. With the new Accelerator upgrades Box is now an average of five times faster in Japan, four times faster in Australia, and three times faster in the UK.”

Perhaps the most difficult issue for Box to navigate is the differences in international compliance standards and regulations. However, the company has recently found a way to support compliance with ISO 27018 as well as ISO 27001. In its blog it states that “The International Standards Organization’s widely accepted standards help businesses across the globe streamline the protection of personal information, so that our customers can seamlessly work across boundaries with confidence and trust.”

Box says that in almost every country in the world, “banks, healthcare providers, life sciences companies, law firms, and governments” are using its services to secure, manage and ensure the privacy of their data.

box“As the world continues to get more complex for businesses working internationally, it’s our job to make collaboration as simple and seamless as possible without sacrificing security and control. By building our own advanced technology- as well as partnering with some of the biggest and most powerful platforms like IBM Cloud and Amazon- we’re helping deliver the first truly global cloud offering to the enterprise,” Box states in its blog. “You can expect to see more innovation as we continue to bring Box Zones to new geographies and expand our offerings for global businesses.”

Box may become increasingly more mainstream as its business picks up steam across the globe and it gets a firmer handle on how to balance different data regulation and security standards. The fact that it has gotten this far despite grueling European privacy rights is a sign that the company may be able to make it work.

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